DIFFICULT spanish test (only for experts...)

este quiz lo hare bien difcil... This quiz is gonna be so darn hard for you! Pd. Los acentos no funcionan, asi que ni me hablen de eso. Cualquier error, por favor dimelo.

Created by shamypotter on 05/15/2008

Take the DIFFICULT spanish test (only for experts...) quiz.

fisrt some easy thingies...What does "Corri hacia aya." means?

Now a grammar question! How do you call the lines in a poem?

translate this line: "La felicidad nunca dura, la tristeza siempre perdura."

Easy question, just 'cause I'm nice! How do you translate "I like bananas." ?

How many mistakes has this statement: "yo querer comerr en ezte lugar" (Remember grammar and orthography)

Ok, if I told you "Sabes donde esta mi dormitorio?" what would you say?

Aguda, grave, esdrujula y....

Last question! Do you think you know spanish?

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