What do the characters of Bleach think of you?[girls only please]

Well, this is my first quiz...so please rate and/or message me afterwards. Thank you!

Created by XxKatsumixX on 05/15/2008

Take the What do the characters of Bleach think of you?[girls only please] quiz.

O.k. Let's start with the most infamous question of all...What is your favorite color? *Takes out Zanpoktou and prepares for battle*

Role Play time! You are alone in the woods when suddenly...a Hollow jumps out from no where and attacks! What do you do?

O.k. This is just a tiny bit random but what is your favorite element?

Role Play time! [again] O.k. a captain that you really adore walks up to you and asks if you would like to be his Lieutenant; what do you do?

O.k So what ever you chose above, you became his Lieutenant [even the crazy one who called himself a captain] [crazy captain dude: I AM NOT CRAZY!][me: sure..] So who was your captain?

O.k So what is your Zanpoktou like?

*Final Question* Pick 5 adjectives that describe you:

O.k. Well, that is the end of my quiz. It took me FOREVER to make, so please rate! Thanks. You rock.

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