Harry Potter - What would your wand be made of? - The core.

Created by juliacaesar on 05/15/2008

Take the Harry Potter - What would your wand be made of? - The core. quiz.

Whose personality do you think yours is similar to? (Boys, don't be afraid to pick a girl. It's just about personality.)

What could your Boggart look like? In other words, what scares you?

What would you be most likely to see in the Mirror of Erised?

Are you a hero?

Any favourite animals?

Any favourite teachers?

Which school do you thing would be most suitable for you?

As you have probably heard, a war is going on in the wizarding world. Please pick your side. And now tell me, how do you support your side?

Whatever. You are walking home from somewhere, and as you are all alone on the street, you start singing a song. When you hear a sound and turn around, you see a cute guy/girl has been walking behind you all the time and is now grinning at you. What do you

What place would you like to visit, let's say, during your next holidays when you're not at Hogwarts?

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