Your Harry Potter Background (Boyfriend, What they think of you, Your house, and more!)

You get to know what the Harry Potter characters think of you house and boyfriend. you know all that good lets get it started! Oh and please message or rate. I want to know if i did any good on this thing!!!!!!!!!!

Created by ZzPaperWingszZ on 05/15/2008

Take the Your Harry Potter Background (Boyfriend, What they think of you, Your house, and more!) quiz.

Hey People read the memo! Ok lets see......a question so useless that it shouldn't have even been thought of what question would that be? OH! What animal do you think represents you. Haha you probably thought it was the color question.

What house are you in? Or would like to be in?

Ok RP Time. You were watching the gryffindor quidditch team practice. You were watching Harry. You were so impressed with his skills and how fast he was. He then noticed you and smiled your way and winked. what do you do and think?

You were walking through the great hall and someone bumps into you with enough force to make you fall. They don't say sorry or excuse me or see if you are ok and you get a little upset. "Ummmm no excuse me or sorry?" you ask with iratation and you get up.

If you picked A. "Well i don't feel i need to apologise so i won't. Crabbe Goyle." Once he says this the nitwits push you back on the floor and they leave with you fuming. B. "Are you serious? You are pathetic." he says walking away C. "Oh yeah." He say

Once the mystery guy stopped kissing you he turned on the lights and it was...................... Neville! "_______ I have liked you for a long time and i really would like you to be my girlfriend. So???" neville asks nervously. What do you say?

Ok. No more roleplays. When you have no classes what can you be found doing?

Who would you most likely hang out with at Hogwarts? Girls

Now who out of the guys would you hang out with?

What is your favorite subject?

Who do you want?

Hope you liked the quiz!

What name do you like out of these?

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