Does Sasuke Uchiha like, love, or hate you?

hope you like this quiz this is just my first one, so don't be too harsh! (add me please!)

Created by trogdor10 on 05/15/2008

Take the Does Sasuke Uchiha like, love, or hate you? quiz.

Me:*hides behind Sasuke* Is this okay? Sasuke:Sure, why do you ask? Me:Oh, you'll see... WHATSYOURFAVORITECOLOR? AAAAAHHH!!! *kunai, pie, darts and crayons are thrown*

Me:RP TIME! Sasuke: Let me do these Me: No way! Sasuke:*does puppy eyes* Me:Come on, I hate it when you do that! Sasuke:*sticks out lip Me:Aww..I mean N-come o-Pleas-STO-fine.X( Sasuke:Me-1 victoria-none! heh. Me:When you put it that way... Sasuke: No No,

Sasuke: I think you killed her O.o Me:did she kiss you? Sasuke:No, bu- Me:Did she even touch you? Sasuke:No, but, Me:Then we're all good right? Xl Sasuke:I guess, but couldn't we get sued? me: Dude, chill. this is just a quiz. It's all in good fun! =D Sasu

Sasuke:the janitor's gonna be covered in blood by 6:00pm Me: *ahem* MOVING-ON!!! Sasuke:Oh, right. umm where was i, oh yeah! so I've set up reservations at a nearby hotel overlooking a gorgeous lake where I plan to ask u to be my girlfriend, but all you kn

Whats your fav song?

who's your fav naruto guy

do u like sasuke?

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