Do you have Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is a mathematics learning disability that is recognized by educators, psychologists and doctors across the world. It is sometimes jokingly called "Math Dyslexia" because those with this learning disability often transpose, omit and add numbers in a way that reminds people of mistakes commonly made by Dyslexics with letters and words.

Created by numberblind on 12/28/2008

Take the Do you have Dyscalculia? quiz.

Do you have good reading, writing and verbal skills?

Are you poetic?

Do you have trouble keeping track of time or telling time?

When going to appointments, class or work, do you arrive on time?

Can you do math in your head?

Can you add, subtract, multiply and divide?

When working with numbers do you transpose, omit, substitute or add digits? For example: 2,567 becomes 2,657 or 256 or 2,267 or 25,667

Are you able to make change?

Do you learn a new math concept one day and forget it the next?

Do you understand and remember rules, sequences and formulas?

Are you good at picturing the numbers on the face of a clock?

Do you have a good sense of direction?

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