Don't you know what you do to me?(Inu\Koga)#6

Enjoy! Listen to the first video first,then when your finished reading,listen to the second

Created by sk8ertomboy on 05/15/2008

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You all sat there,waiting. Inuyasha:What is that?!?! You:Its the panther demons village.They are looking for a good preistess.I better stay low. Kagome was mad. Kagome:OH,NOW YOUR A PREISTESS TOO?WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO,FLY? You:Actually,kind off. Kagome:WTF?

You woke up in a cell. You:Think you can keep me in here?Watch. You rubbed your hands together and put them on the cold,earthy floor.It made a little crack. Sasugi:Your never gonna be able to break it. You:Watch me. He chuckled. When he left,you kept tryin

~~~~Koga's POV~~~ You were running when you saw Inuyasha.Without ran up to him. You:INUYASHA!WHERES KIMIKO!? Inuyasha:WHAT!? You:Did you lose Kimiko?! You smelled around. Inuyasha:NO! You:Then why do I smell Kimiko's scent mixed in wit that horr

~~~~~Your POV~~~~~ You finally were at the last punch and punched the floor,setting you free.Since Sango,Miroku and the villagers of that place were there too,you set them free also.Koga and Inuyasha looked at you.Koga walked up to you and held your hands.

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