Does he like you? (long crush quiz)

Does he like you? I have been trying to figure that out for ages, and well, in the end, quizzes are just like picking petals off of daisys. However, there are ways of telling whether a person likes you or not, and I have incorporated them into this quiz. Good luck. Hopefully, you will get the answer that you want. -Chaotic (By the way, I wrote this for girls, but if you just ignore my use of "he," these questions are universal.

Created by chaotic-neutral on 05/15/2008

Take the Does he like you? (long crush quiz) quiz.

Does he know who you are?

What is his relationship status?

Does he know that you like him?

Visual questions: Does he look you in the eyes while you are talking to him?

When you enter a room, is he immediately look at you?

Do you ever catch him looking at you from across the room, when he thinks that you are not looking?

When looking at you, do his eyes dilate?

Verbal questions: Does he talk to you often?

Does he tease you?

What does he talk to you about?

Does he make an effort to ask you to go places with him?

Does he smile at you a lot while you are talking?

Does he start conversations with you?

Physical questions: Does he touch you?

When he is talking to you, where is his chest pointed?

When he talks to you, where are his hands and feet pointed?

Does he tilt his head while talking to you?

When you are together, does he mirror your actions?

Relationship Questions: Do you know his friends?

Has any of his friends ever made a comment such as "you look good together," or "you should go out?"

Has he ever chosen to hang out with you over his friends?

Of the following, what do you know about him:

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