7 minutes in heaven...for girls...long results

Your sitting at home listening to your fave bands when you get a text from your friend. 'Hey! Get your ass over here!! Having a party and u better come!' You decide to go as you have nothing better to do. You put on your most awesome pair of jeans and a t-shirt w/ ur fave band on the front of it. As you're walking out the door, you grab a belt off the back of your desk chair; a holographic belt w/ piano keys one way and guitars/amps the other way. As you approach the door, you hear a loud beat that you vaguely recognize. Before you so much as touch the porch, your friend has yanked you through the door and into a large room filled with guys you've never ever seen before. Even though you don't put much credit into first impressions, all these guys are flaming hot. Your friend informs you that you're going first, no questions asked. You reluctantly delve your hand into the bag thrust under your nose and pull out...

Created by luv.the.musick on 05/28/2008

Take the 7 minutes in heaven...for girls...long results quiz.

See the memo for the "question" =]

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