1950's Bombshell or 1940's Pin-Up? Which Classic Film Star Are You?

Journey into the world of classic Hollywood and find the classic film star you were in a past life. Or just the one your most like. Answer truthfully, we can't all be Marilyn Monroe!

Created by angela8827 on 05/07/2008

Take the 1950's Bombshell or 1940's Pin-Up? Which Classic Film Star Are You? quiz.

Every star has a classic look that is all their own. Which style defines you?

Your wardrobe is nothing without tresses that demand just as much attention. Which signature hair style is yours?

Before you get all caught up in your star-studded glam; don't forget where you came from. Which adolescent upbringing influenced who you are?

You're a star now! Success is yours! What was the defining moment that launched your career?

Your ability to consistently bedazzle the audience is what makes you such a star. Which unique, defining characteristics keep em' comin' back for more?

Well miss prima donna, the star-studded lifestyle always goes to your head at some point. So what did you do this time to cause such a fuss?

You're love life is always a juicy conversational topic, especially since your more than likely doomed to fail at it. So how bad are you with relationships?

All stars burn out and fade away. On your trip back to reality, which eccentric or flawed trait helped bring you back down to earth?

You are going to live on in legend, what do you want to be remembered for?

Before you leave us with no more than timeless movies and beautiful photographs, what is your famous quote?

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