What are your Core Values?

WARNING: There are positives and negatives to every result. Don't be upset because you got "the bad one." This is the simple version - only three results. At first there were seven!

Created by MyOwNBeStCRiTic on 05/15/2008

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Classic question: You're stranded on a deserted island, though there is the possibility of future rescue (let's put it at 50/50). You can have one thing with you. You take:

A railcar is heading for a switch, and you are at the switchboard. There are only three different paths it can take - one towards your dearest friend, one toward ten skilled workers, and one towards the gold stores. The car is filled to the brim with Amm

Shopping, what fun! You're at a curio store (a shop that sells pretty much everything under the sun), and see the following three items for sale. You only have enough money for one purchase, and you have to buy something. Which is it?

Choose a few cars that appeal to you.

Okay, now what color would you like your car to be?

"But I have nothing to wear!" Your dream outfit to wear to the big event?

Big event's over, and it's the morning after. What are you doing?

Alright, time to go to work. Your job is most likely / closest to...

You're going to the grocery store. You:

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