What Do The Clan Cats Think of You? (she-cats only and ThunderClan only)

I love the Warriors!

Created by warriorspowerofthree on 05/15/2008

Take the What Do The Clan Cats Think of You? (she-cats only and ThunderClan only) quiz.

You're in ThunderClan, okay?

Which end of name appeals to you?

You're eating beside the fresh-kill pile when Thornclaw comes up to you and asks if you will hunt with him. You get the feeling that it's only the two of you, so you...

Your best friend has been having affairs with a cat from another Clan. You two always share secrets, but you found out only because you saw them on the border. You...

Brightheart died. :-( (she doesn't in the books) Do you comfort Cloudtail?

Okay, lets say you comfort Cloudtail and he gets better. You're hunting with him one day and he helps you with hunting. You...

Two more questions! What's your favorite food?

Last question! Let's say that you're hunting and you smell a badger. You...

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