What's Your Outlook on Life?

Wohoo! My secon quiz if finally finished! It only took me like five months... Anyway you know what to do, just try to answer the questions HONESTLY! I always put the link to all the results so you can cheat at the end anyway. =D

Created by refuged on 05/07/2008

Take the What's Your Outlook on Life? quiz.

ROAD TRIP!!!!!! Your friends ask your opinion on where you all all should go.

It's decided that you'll all go to the Grand Canyon.

Everyone piles into the SUV and heads off. You're currently:

Oh no, the car broke down!

Lucky for you, a tow truck sees you and tows you to a gas station. While your car's being fixed two employees offer you a cigarette:

Well, the car's all fixed and you're back on the road again. You stop at Mc Donalds for lunch and order:

Your almost at the Grand Canyon when you pass by a hitchhiker. He looks old, sad and raggedy.

You leave the hitchiker, but finally reach the Grand Canyon that night! It's beautiful!

Time to go home! Pick one that described this trip:

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