Naruto 7 Minutes In Heaven!

You were walking the streets of Konoha. You had just finished a mission and were bored. All of a sudden you felt a boney hand grab your wrist. You jumped and spun around ready to attack. "No! Wait! Stop! It's only me _______-chan!" Naruto screamed covering his head. "Oh it's only you Naruto! Don't scare me like that! I was about to kill you!" You warned catching your breath. "Haha well I heard you were back in town and I was having a little get together and I was hoping you'd like to come." He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. You started laughing at him. "Sure Naruto. I'll be over there in about and hour." "GREAT!" He yelled, "I'll see you there!" And with that he ran off waving to you. An hour later you arrived at Naruto's house. You can hear people inside and music booming in the background. 'Yeah that's a little get together Naruto.' you say to yourself as you roll your eyes. You walk up to his door and as you are about to knock the door slams open and someone bumps into you hard enough to cause you to fall. "Ouch! Hey watch were you're go-“ “Oh Hey _____-chan! I didn't see you there!" Kiba yells. "Sorry about that I was letting Akamaru out. Are you alright?" He said as he lends you a hand to help you up. Right as you stand up you hear Naruto. "______-chan! You made it! Hey guys ______-chan is here!" He yells to everyone. As you walk in they all great you. You then walk over to your friends, who are waving at you and start talking and enjoying yourself. Then all of a sudden Sakura and Ino yell out in unison "7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN!" You sat there stunned, you wanted to run hide and do whatever you could to get out of that house, but before you could even take a step in the opposite direction Naruto grabbed your arm and pulled you over to the circle while you saw Kiba pulling Sasuke out of the window. "Man we got us a live one!" Kiba laughed as he dropped Sasuke down right in between Ino and Sakura. 'Haha this ought to be good' you giggled to yourself. "Alright lets start!" Naruto yelled. "Oh and ______-chan, you have to go first." Temari smirked at you. "WHAT!? WHY!?" You screamed slowly turning red! "Because you tried to leave." She explained "Sasuke tried to escape to!" You defended as you pointed an accusing finger at him. "Yeah but he's being tortured enough being stuck between those two..." she mumbled "-.- "Alright, Fine!" You say in defeat as you shove your hand in the bag and swirl it around. Then you pull out the color...

Created by WantsOfBodyAndMind on 05/09/2008

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