Which Greek God is your Parent? (Based on the Percy Jackson series)

I was shocked that there are next-to-none Percy Jackson and the Olympians quizzes! We'll just have to change that!

Created by ShinoraxofxthexWater on 05/24/2008

Take the Which Greek God is your Parent? (Based on the Percy Jackson series) quiz.

First of all, have you READ the Percy Jackson series?

Me: Guess what? Percy will ask this question! Percy: Huh? Okaay.. So- What's you're favorite pastime?

Me: Annabeth, your turn! Annabeth: If you had a power, what would it be?

Me: Now for the nature-freak! Grover: Hey! Me: No, no! That's a good thing! I am too! Grover: Oh, ok! Um, what is your thoughts about protecting the environment?

Me: Thalia, you're up! Thalia: When you're faced with a problem, how do you go about it?

Me: CLARISSE! Clarisse: Yeah, yeah! Now shut up before I break your jaw! Now.. Weapon of choice?

Me: WHAT THE HECK?! WHEN AND HOW DID YOU GET HERE?! Luke: *raises Backbiter* I'm here to ask the next question! Now stand back or you die- This is their question, not yours. Me: *grumbles* Luke: Would you fight for Kronos, the Titan Lord who will one

Me: Almost forgot! One last question. Chiron: What's your favorite animal?

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