What Would Me and My Friends Think About You?

Me and Sakura wanted to do a quiz but all we can think of was doinf this so yeah. Its mainly role play question as we always get into some trouble plus we are more or less older than most of you XD…… Anyway on with the quiz ^__^

Created by PunkAnimeFan on 11/30/1999

Take the What Would Me and My Friends Think About You? quiz.

RP: We all going to a costume party and everyone is excited “Come on ____ we want to see you costume” You come out of hiding wearing……..

Anyway whatever you wearing it awesome… We arrive at the party and we all split up. What do you head for……

Ok that enough for parties for today… Pick two words you like or describe you….

Chris asked for you help to do something (knowing him it be something to do with beating you ass at a game). What would you answer be?

Which to you sound better? And just to let you know these actually exist… message me if you want to know what they are….

Last one! We are all at the park having a picnic “I bet it will rain soon” I randomly speak out “No it won’t” JT replies. It starts to rain “I told you” Everyone runs off doing random things in the rain. What are you likely to be doing?

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