Which Furry Fury Character are you?

This is just a little fun quiz to determine which character in my role-playing group you're most like. (Briefly scanning through the answers right now I'll have to say we've taken the term "high on crack" to a whole new level: You've been warned.) Enjoy! ^^

Created by furryfury on 06/14/2008

Take the Which Furry Fury Character are you? quiz.

Pick your favorite quote or lyrics!

Your biggest weakness is...

If you could have just one superpower, it would be...

What is the one thing so important to you you'd protect it with your life?

Ever been in love? *Wiggly eyebrows*

So you get drunk (really, REALLY drunk) and spill your biggest secret...

You'd rather die before you get caught...

What really ticks you off?

You take pride in...

Your favorite food!

Weapon of choice?


Now, what's that amazing signature move you use to finish off your battle opponents?

Ha! I saved the solid overused question for last! What's your favorite color?

Well, that's the end of the quiz! ^^

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