Would Itachi date YOU????????

This is dedicated to my friend Katie, who likes to call herself Kairi! Thank you for being a great friend!

Created by FierySurferChick on 06/18/2008

Take the Would Itachi date YOU???????? quiz.

Read the memo! Alright, now becuase this is about Itachi...He should be here, yes? BROTHER ITACHI! COME IN!!! Itachi: @_@ What?!?!? Me: Your quiz! Ask a question! Itachi: Favorite color? *Smirks* Me: Gaah! *Hides*

Me: Do you like the Akatsuki??? I DO!!! XD Itachi: -.-'

Itachi: Do you like ME? Me: ._.

Itachi: Tell me about yourself... Me: XDDD

Me: Role-play time! XD

Itachi: If you were in a fight, and if it was either you die or your partner dies...What would your descition be? Me: Harsh

Itachi: Orochimaru captured you for his experiments. He's going to turn you into a dark dragon. Your reaction? Me: SWEET!!! XD

Itachi: Your in an armor shop. You find what your looking for, but, you and Sasuke grab it at the same time. What do you do?

Me: What animals do you like out of these???

If any of you have requests, let me know, and I'll create it! Got it?

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