Naruto Dating Quiz

See what naruto character is right for you. Will it be Shikamaru? Naruto? Kiba? Who? well if you want to find out then take this Quiz ohh and girls only sorry guys.

Created by chellykay123 on 11/30/1999

Take the Naruto Dating Quiz quiz.

What is your fav. Color

Pick 2 things that you look for in a guy?

Okay everyone its....RP Time Jiraya askes for you to stay after school for a little while you say okay and stay, after about 3 minuets jiraya slaps you on the butt and says "sup hottie" what would you do?

(Still RP) You are walking down the street of the leaf village when all of a sudden you see sakura and (the naruto character you like) flirting what do you do?

Okay RP is OVER!! sorry people anyway next question where would you like to go on a date?

What do you want him to look like?

Who is your naruto crush?

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