What's Your Animal Spirit?

Very deep withing each of us is an animal spirit waiting to be released. I have several questions for you. Please be sure to answer truthfully.

Created by Lizakimoto on 06/15/2008

Take the What's Your Animal Spirit? quiz.

Your parents are out to dinnr. What do you do?

There's this new kid at school. What do you do?

You had your heart set on a nice big peace of tasty cake. Suddenly, someone shoves you out of the way and takes it from you.

You are given a bab sitting job. The children are very young.

There's someone you really like, but there's no chance to get close, and also you get nervous when they are near. How do you tell them you like them?

A mean kid is picking on a little girl. What do you do?

Pick a color.

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