Should you give your ex another chance?

Hello everyone, this is my first quiz. Ive noticed many girls get there hearts broken and sometimes later on the guy whats a second chance with you, and your thinking really hard about whether you should or not. Well heres a quiz to help you figure out whether he's worthy of another chance or whether the relationship is gonna end up the same way...Over.

Created by onlyaname on 06/17/2008

Take the Should you give your ex another chance? quiz.

How long did you and your ex date for?

Did you ever say I Love You in the relationship?

And if so who said it first?

How long into your relationship did you or him say i love you?

Were you more happy or unhappy throughout the relationship?

While you were dating him, was there any thought in your mind that there would be a reason for him to break up with you?

In any shape or form did he put you down, ignore you, or make you feel like shit?

Were you guys somewhat completely open with each other.

Did your relationship mimic the kind you'd see on movies, a fairytale like.

This was longer than i thought it would be and it took me alot of thinking, so i tihnk ill stop with this one for now...but i will extend it as soon as i have the energy and thought. Thank-you.

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