what kind of good looking are you?

if you are not at least a 7 on the "good looking scale" please dont take this. i am wanting to make another one called "what kinda ugly are you?" so please sit tight...dont worry thats the i'll take too...nothing against the uglies....wait never mind take it if you want i dont care....oh yeah there are only four results...if you have ideas for other types of good looking please pm me and share.

Created by master-m12 on 07/03/2008

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first off whats for favorite color? ahahaha nah... how could that possibly tell me what kinda good looking are you?

what is your living space like?

how do you do in school? or how were you in school?

how do you type sentences online? please chose the type that may most match you...

hmm...what are you dinners like?

do you or did you do sports in school?

who do you hang out with at school?....or did?

how do you listen to your music?

how do you get around?

ok i cant think of any more....do you think your good looking?

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