Does he like you as more than a friend?

This quiz is intended for girls to find out if a guy friend of theirs likes them. I know there's already a bunch of similar quiz's like this but I got odd results so I made this one. Hope it works, and I hope you like it, (remember it's just for fun). signed, rain7310

Created by rain7310 on 07/06/2008

Take the Does he like you as more than a friend? quiz.

How long have you known each other?

Have you ever been to his house? Has he been to yours?

How many people think you two are dating?

Have you been in each others rooms?

Do people ever make weird comments about the two of you, and your "relationship"?

Have your friends or his ever told you he likes you?

Does he ever give you random gifts or really good birthday gifts? Like flowers with you or gets you exactly what you wanted?

Does he share things with you he almost never shares with anyone else, like cds, movies, candy, or other things that are important to him?

If someone were to ask you if you were going out with him, how would you react? (if this has happened how did you react?)

how would he react/has he reacted?

Do you like him?

Do you think he likes you?

would you date him?

Does he ever sit next to you, lunch, recess, on a bus, etc.?

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