ultamite cirque du freak personality quiz

i noticed that their are very few cirque du freak quizzes online. so i decided to make one. and for all of you people who hate mr. tiny, fuck you! i have read all the books and you should try seeing things from a diffrent point of view. what he did was ass-wholeish but darren got over it. you can too. by explaining his plan to darren, he saived the world without trying. if you dissagree, send me a massage.

Created by alexskyle on 11/30/1999

Take the ultamite cirque du freak personality quiz quiz.

ok first of all, favorite color? i know i hate this question too.

ok did you read the memo thing? if so what did you think?

pick one..... QUICK!!!

can you speak in riddles?

what do you think about the vampanese?

what do you think about the vampires government and laws?

wich comes first?

would you ever sell your life for a friend?

did any one just get what i ment by "sell your life"?

could you handle lots of responseabilitys? ( yeah i knoe my spelling sucks)

witch song fits you?

ok so are you going to report me beacused i cussed so much? because if you do thats kinda close minded. i mean lots of people are worse that me.

ok bye....

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