What kind of Witch/Wiccan are you? (awsome pics)

Which ever word you use it's almost all the same. If you follow Silver Ravenwolf, well then you only know the half of it. All images came from silverywitch.com

Created by Capturemancer on 11/30/1999

Take the What kind of Witch/Wiccan are you? (awsome pics) quiz.

What kind of magick would you/do you cast?

What Wiccan would you/do you follow? (if you have to search for them or go to Silverwitch.com, she has all of them)

What would be a good spell to use in your path? (all of these are non-harmful spells and if you want a link to it just ask me)

How would you/do you set up your Altar? (if you need it I can try to find links for this too)

What would be your most improtant herb or incense? (again with the links)

What would be/is you ink of chose? (once again-> links Side note: None of the inks I'm going to name use real blood or any thing like that)

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