What Do The Soul Eater Characters Think Of You? (Girls)

We know we've had a long absence but we're back now that summer vacation has arrived and exams are finally done! A brief notice is that Duke and Shelby have left the country and...Me and Pheobe don't like them anymore...Well I hate them...The point is they will not be helping with these quizzes anymore. Moving on...

Created by LiLcRazyPuNk on 07/17/2008

Take the What Do The Soul Eater Characters Think Of You? (Girls) quiz.

Me: Okay...I hate to ask this so...Pheobe! (Pushes Bebe in front) Pheobe: Did you read the memo?...It will effect the results.

Me: Hate me or not...What is you fav color? Pheobe: So you're fine with asking that? Me:Yeah Pheobe:Okay!

Pheobe: I have to go on another country exchange, bye. Me: Okay bye!....So please do decribe yourself.

Pick one of the following songs/Lyrics please

RP Time! So you're walking through Death City when you sense a witch...And that witch is Medusa! What do you do/say?

You're out collecting Souls when you get attacked by a witch. Being horribly injured, you're about to be killed when someone saves you. What does he do afterwards?

There is a ball at Shibusen. What do you wear?

Thanks for taking this! Sorry Pheobe had to leave half way through but I hope you enjoyed it!

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