The Gender Indentity Quiz

Hello everybody! This is a gender identity quiz. If you don't get your true identity please don't blab to me this quiz sucked. It merely is a quiz to determine what gender you are inclined towards. Every person possesses both masculine and feminine qualities to some degree, however the extent to which each person has these qualities differs widely. Enjoy!

Created by rainbowjellybean on 05/07/2008

Take the The Gender Indentity Quiz quiz.

Which task would you rather do?

You have decided to go and visit your parents who live 6 hours drive away, how do you plan on getting there?

What's your favourite Colour?

Which of the following would you enjoy most?

How would you feel if you tripped and dropped all your packages on a busy walkway?

Thank you for taking this quiz, I put a lot of effort into this quiz so will you please rate and message?

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