Should You Be Trusted As A Babysitter?

Should parents trust you as a good caretaker while they're away? Find out here!

Created by apk on 11/30/1999

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If the child wants to watch a PG13 movie that you know they don't need to see, and they won't stop screaming until they can watch it, what do you do?

Okay, so let's say you let the child watch the movie. Now it's all freaked out because it was scary to them. What do you do?

So now the child's feeling sick... and it just threw up all over you. What do you do?

Now you're watching a baby. They just made this big dookie in their diaper. What do you do?

Do you watch your language around children and/or babies?

If the child you're watching wants to play a game (example: hide-n-go-seek) and you tell them you don't want to, and they keep begging you over and over to play, what do you do?

If the parent gives you an allergy list for the child, do you keep in mind what they're allergic to when you feed them?

Do children and/or babies like you?

Let's say you fell asleep on the couch while you were babysitting. The child saw that you were asleep, and raided the kitchen. Later, the parents come back, and ask you what happened to the kitchen. What do you tell them?

Okay, last question. Have you ever babysat before?

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