Split Personality Quiz

Do you have a split personality or not? Find out the cold hard truth here! But be serious, otherwise the result will be a lie. Answer it honestly! These are true facts I learned about not only in a book, but online! So be aware!

Created by choji911 on 11/30/1999

Take the Split Personality Quiz quiz.

Do you get black outs every once in a while?

Have you ever been going somewhere, then get a head ache, and a black out and be home the next morning all of a sudden? (Or something like that)

Do people ask you questions you can't answer even though they keep telling you you did do whatever!?

Have you ever gotten a cut, or something, and have no idea where you got it?

Has anyone told you you have a split personality?

Do YOU think you have a split personality?

Have you been extra tired at all even though you got a full night's rest?

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