Which Ryukendo characters are you most like?

If you've never heard of Ryukendo, it is actually a fun tokusatsu show to watch. ^_^

Created by HypeRGiLa on 07/26/2008

Take the Which Ryukendo characters are you most like? quiz.

Starting off with the simplest, most common question in quizzes. What is your favourite colour(s)?You may choose as many options as you'd like.

You have witnessed a robbed incident in front of your eyes. What would you most probably have done afterwards?

Imagine that you're a detective.Your duty is to interrogate the victims to get more leads in a case.If a victim were to claim he was fine and doesn't want to be disturbed any further,would you persist in asking him more questions?

You have to disguise in a cute rabbit suit to track down a suspect. Would you do it?

You've received an off-day today from your boss.What would you possibly do in your free time?

We've come to the end of the quiz!Bye!^_^

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