Either OR Questions

Think you can choose?

Created by AJaudio on 07/27/2008

Take the Either OR Questions quiz.

Which would you rather lose - your hair or your teeth?

Would you rather have someone agree with you and tell you what you want to hear, or have someone challenge you and your ideas???

Who’s kids would you adopt if you could only adopt from these two people?

Would you rather have a horrible spouse you can't divorce OR be single for the rest of your life?

Which would you rather have, Head Lice or Crabs?

You must die, says the state, by Corporal punishment. Would you prefer to die by EITHER the chair with the "juice" OR standing in front of a firing squad?

Which of the following would you choose:

If you had to have EITHER your arms OR your legs cut off which would you choose

Which form of torture would you choose if you MUST choose one?

Which would you rather drive, a beat-up ugly lookin' car that runs like a dream, or a beautiful dream car that breaks down every other day?

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