Would you survive a serial killer? (with beautiful anime pics)

a very fun quiz! just fill in WHAT YOU WOULD MOST LIKELY DO, and not what seems smartest...otherwise the quiz wouldn't work now would it? have fun...there are anime pictures in the result..oh and this is my first quiz so please rate? =D

Created by crazyvanillaflavour on 11/30/1999

Take the Would you survive a serial killer? (with beautiful anime pics) quiz.

on an evening you're home alone. a guy calls you with a creepy voice and asks you if you wanna die tonight. he won't say his name. what do you do?

on a night trip to the forest with your friends, somehow you get sepperated so now you're alone. what do you do? (you have no cellphone)

there's a killer in your town who only kills at night. what do you do about it?

it's night, you're alone on the streets and a killer is chasing you. you have no cellphone and you're far away from people and their houses. you can only see a wal-mart.

you're in an old house with 4 friends at night, and 1 friend was just killed. you gotta get out of the house. so what do you do?

what's the most important thing to do when a killer is after you?

if the killer was lying unconsious on the ground, what would you do? (you have a cellphone)

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