Are You Arrogant?

I have a TOTALLY arrogant friend! But he's in denial about it! But EVERYONE knows that actions speak louder than words! So the question is Are YOU arrogant? take my quiz and find out! *giggles*

Created by HyacinthLuv4u on 11/30/1999

Take the Are You Arrogant? quiz.

This girl/guy comes up to you and you KNOW he/she likes you. When they say they have something to ask you, you...

You're at your friends birthday party setting it up. You look over and see your friends new friend blowing up balloons and kinda suxing at it you...

You've just come out of the dressing room with a new outfit on your friend compliments you on it, you...

You're out at PE playing basket you make all your 3 pointers. Afterwards the coach calls you over and asks if you'd like to try out next year you...

When someone compliments you what do you usually do?

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