Are you a REAL Sonamy fan like me?

I didn't like my result of somebody else's quiz telling ME that I had to lower down on flaming the sonamy haters, but here's the message: NO! IF THEY WANT TO SAY THAT THEY HATE SONAMY AND THAT IT SUCKS THEY ARE ASKING TO BE FLAMED SO GUESS WHAT?! I FLAME THEM BECAUSE THEY NEED TO GET A LIFE! WE LOVE SONAMY AND THE PEOPLE THAT HATE IT CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE! This is a quiz that backlashes the person with that quiz and a fun quiz for all my fellow friends who love Sonamy! Enjoy! ^^

Created by FaithFull22 on 11/30/1999

Take the Are you a REAL Sonamy fan like me? quiz.

Would you lash out at anybody who decided that they were gonna flame Sonamy?

If anybody made a video about hating Sonamy would you flame it?

Have you made any videos or anything about being a Sonamy fan?

Do you LOVE all the Sonamy things that happen in things like: "Sonic X", "Sonic the Hesgehog","Sonic Heroes",or things like this?

Do you like or LOVE or at least enjoy Sonamy?

How many times have you seen,read,wrote,created, Sonamy releated things?

Sonamy things you like:

Things you hate:

What do you think your reasult will be?

I hate it when people ask this on a quiz myself but I need it a lot so...could you pretty please rate? *Puppy eyes*

If you said sure thank you! *Hugs* SONAMY FOREVER!

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