How Much Of An Alpha Female Are You?

Are You An Alpha Female?

Created by Courtneyevelynangel on 11/30/1999

Take the How Much Of An Alpha Female Are You? quiz.

What Color Clothing Do You Where? (This has to do with the quiz because Alpha's in wolf packs, are alpha's depending on their color coat. I won't give anymore away, so you don't get any idea's.)

In Personality, You Are:

Rpg: Your doing a project in school and the group needs to decide on who will be the boss of the group. You....

Rpg: It's your wedding day, and you spill coffee on your wedding dress. You have three hours to do something about it. You......

How much of a biotch are you? Be honest, we woman can be that way on our time of the month, so you have to at least say a little bit.

Rpg: You're in a fight, if you can pick any weopon to beat the person up with it would be....

Rpg: You're in a modeling session and the photographer tells you to make your signature pose. It is.......(pick the one that comes closest.)

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