Who's your Death Note boyfriend?

This is my first Death Note quiz. What they think of you, pictures and stories are included. Five possible boyfriends ( Light, L, Near, Mello, Matt). By the way, in 'What they think of you part, I use their first names ( ex. Instead using Mogi, I put his first name Kanzo. Instead Lidner, I use Halle.... Indtead Ide, I use Hideki his first name. etc...). Damn. I took 1/2 days in writing this. Results are pretty long. I hope it is good. Okay!!! Let's begin!!!

Created by deathxxartist on 08/13/2008

Take the Who's your Death Note boyfriend? quiz.

Before anything else, who's your crush?

Pick one.

What kind of person your boyfriend is?

What do you think of Kira?

If you have the Death Note. What are you gonna do with it?

When you hear the word 'JUSTICE'. What comes up first to your mind?

Do you believe in god? (Seriously. Answer honestly. Okay? Me? I know theres a God but to be honest, I dont care. Yet, I respect God.)

Who's side are you on?

OKay. That's all. Thank's for taking this quiz. Bye!!!

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