How does he feel?

yea just a random thing, on how a guy MAY feel about u. all these things happened to me so dont feel bad. im a idiot so is he but yea u kn....if u ppl ask bout Vampire,Neko, Demon? the next part it will come wen it comes. I know what I'm doing for it but I don't feel like writing it now. Just deal with it. Put some idea's up on my site. If you didn't catch what it was before today just message me. My NEWEST site.

Created by rickysangelheart995 on 11/30/1999

Take the How does he feel? quiz.

When you talk to or about another guys when he is around what does he do?

What does he think of you as?

If you have/had his number and called him what would he do?

What's he like around you?

If you heard a rumor about him, would you tell him?

You know I had loads of idea's for this yesterday. Where did they all go? oh well might make a part 2. so anyways this next question just happened to me today. just wanna see if anyone else is stupid like me. :)

ok so have you ever been so aggrivated that u cussed him out or called him names for no reason? i did that today. i cussed him out in japanese, then apologized and he freaking said it was ok if i called him that! im like wtf?

ok to the results. and part 2 later.....

Oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!1 me thought of another. Has he ever somehow leaned on you in a way? Like one time the guy I like he kinda slid backwards in his chair and laid his head on my shoulder. Ever happen?

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