Which Dyre Spirit Are You Most Like?

Answer the following questions as honestly as possible to get the most accurate result, and enjoy! Curious about what the Dyre spirits really are? Visit http://www.emryswolf.summerdragoness.com/dyre/dyre.htm and find out.

Created by EmrysWolf on 05/07/2008

Take the Which Dyre Spirit Are You Most Like? quiz.

What words desribe your best aspects? (choose more than one set of words if needed.)

What words best describe your worst aspects? (choose more than one set of words if needed.)

Which philosophy sounds the most appealing if you were dealing with a problem?

How would you comfort a friend who was betrayed by another?

What are your opinions on family, friends, and your social life?

Name an animal which you feel most resembles you (don't choose based on favorites, or physical appearence, think about the personality, positive qualities, and negative aspects you share with it.)

And lastly... which of the following words appeals to you most?

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