What do you look like on Naruto Shippuden?{Girls only!}

Well! Here you go! Message me if you like it! If you don't like the name I think of, then change it...

Created by Naruluv on 11/30/1999

Take the What do you look like on Naruto Shippuden?{Girls only!} quiz.

Ok! Let's start! What is your favorite...animal...yeah...out of these?

What element do you like?

Alright...Rping time!!!~~~ You are swimming in a lake just outside of the village when you see something sparkle at the bottom...what do you do?

Well you go down anyway...It's a headband with this image on it :^)

Enough of that...you walk back to the village and see the sand team there...how do you react?

You walk over to the Hokage's office and talk to Tsubade who gives you a mission...pick your team mates.

Whoever you picked Tsunade said only Naruto and Sai were available...

You go on the mission and it was succesful. You begin to walk home when you see this design on a tree :^)

You hear rustling in the tree...and out comes!!!

Well...It's Shino! Wow...what was he doin in the tree...anyway he comes up to you and shows you something in his hand...it's a beautiful butterfly necklace..."For you..."He says.

You walked near a lake and saw :^) and an arrow pointing into the forest you follow it and see a boy....

Well, it's Naruto. What do you say to him?

He asks a question..."Will you rate and message?!"

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