Would you be with Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?

Should you be dropped into the world of Twilight, would you be with faithful werewolf Jacob Black? Or would you have fallen the beautiful vampire Edward? Do this quiz and find out! (This is a Twilight quiz. Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer - not me. More applicable to girls than boys, but it's your choice.)

Created by NJMurderSceneMCR on 11/30/1999

Take the Would you be with Jacob Black or Edward Cullen? quiz.

You're cold... very cold, because it's the middle of winter in Forks and that's the way it usually is anyway, and you're bored and kinda sleepy, what do you really want right now... (Pick all those applicable)

It's a beautiful day in Forks... much to most of the inhabitants' delight, which of the following most appeal to you?

He's kissing you... (*grins* you know you love it) Which of the following would you like to be factors in his kisses?

This is not as simple as you'd think... Picture a boy you consider beautiful, is his hair;

Picture this boy again, what is his facial expression?

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