Who are you? The Alpha and Omega Personality Test.

Alpha is the beginning, from which all things proceed. Together, they are the first and the last letters in the Greek alphabet, and thus represent the totality, the beginning and the end; they symbolize the entire range of sounds, also infinity.

Created by DunanDuck on 09/29/2008

Take the Who are you? The Alpha and Omega Personality Test. quiz.

Zodiac sign?


Which is your personal number? (For example 12.12.1987 1 2 1 2 1 9 8 7=31= 3 1= 4)

Do you prefer working in a group or you're better concentrated when you're alone?


Justice or Mercy?

You have the choice?

Let's not take it that serious. How about food?

What do you thing of CERN?

I want you to answer honestly. I now you're a badass and such but please be honest. Would you kill for a friend,? (For example someone rapes your friend or... something like that, use your imagination, some random extreme situation.)

What are your greatest fears? Abstract.

What are your everyday fears? Or your weak points? The things you cannot control and most piss you off?

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