How close are you and your best friend?

In a friend way, OK? This should work for all genders.

Created by mittens2001 on 11/30/1999

Take the How close are you and your best friend? quiz.

You and your best friend are at a fast food resturant when your best friend asks you for some ketchup. You realize you had used the last of it.

You and your best friend are hanging out, sharing your interests, and that kind of stuff. All of a sudden your best friend says they like something you hate.

On the day of a big test, your friend has not studied. They are tired, and stayed up late the night before.

You have had a stressful day, and you had a delivery. It was heavy. How does your best friend react?

You are really hungry, and your best friend (unfortunately!) just ran out of money. Do you buy lunch for them?

Okay. So, your best friend is out one day with a virus. How do you react to the incident?

Your best friend is walking inside a public bathroom (one that says men and women) one day, and you notice you have the same shirt on as them when they come out.

Ok, whatever you picked, your best friend notices too and-

Do you feel that you can tell anything to your best friend?

You and your best friend had made arrangements the weekend before for them to visit you. You realize you were grounded when they were supposed to come, but they don't know yet. How do you feel?

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