What scent are you, according to Edward Cullen and Jacob Black?

This quiz will tell you what Jacob and Edward, from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, think you smell like! =) BRING IT!

Created by tbj.eba on 10/05/2008

Take the What scent are you, according to Edward Cullen and Jacob Black? quiz.

Me: All right! Edward, you first, 'cause I like you better than Jacob! .::. Edward: o-O Okay, if you insist. .::. Jacob: =O HEY! .::. Edward: Fine, where would you most like to live?

Me: You guys getting a whiff yet? .::. Edward: No, not really. We need more questions! .::. Jacob: IT'S MY TURN!!!! .::. Me: Okay, Jacob, you can go now. .::. Jacob: *grumbles* What do you like best about werewolves?

Edward: MY turn now. Well, since the wolf asked about the wolves, what do you like the best about us vampires?

Me: Can I ask a question now? .::. Edward: Yes. .::. Jacob: NO! My turn again!!! ^0^ What makes you NOT want to be a vampire?!?! .::. Edward: I'm offended....

Edward: Fine then, Dog, take this! What makes you HATE werewolves?! .::. Jacob: *mutters something, and then gets hit on the head by me*

Jacob: What would you do if I walked into your room? .::. Me: You didn't even give me time to say any- .::. Jacob: Shut up! I wanna hear this one!

Me: What would you do if EDWARD walked into your room? .::. Edward: I thought I was the mind reader. .::. Jacob: Then read this: Shut. Up. .::. Edward: *snarls* .::. Jacob: *smirks*

Jacob: What's your favorite color?! JUST KIDDING! Which color do you think is BEST?! *is hit over the head by Edward* .::. Me: YOU TWO STOP IT, OR I'M CALLING ALICE!!!

Edward: Pick one, okay? *continues to fight with Jacob* .::. Me: *calls Alice*

Me: Thanks for taking- *dodges random object* -this quiz! I'll get these two to stop fighting enough to- *throws something at them* -get an answer! Crap, I hope Alice- *dodges chair thrown by Jacob* -gets here soon!!!!

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