Who Loves You More In The Naruto World!?!?

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Created by sasukeXangel on 10/10/2008

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Angel:So who do you love more?Naruto:They better love...(Naruto got hit in the head with a plate by Angel)Angel:You better not start again with me Naruto!Naruto:Sasuke help me please!Sasuke:Your the one who started it not me.Naruto:Oh come on...

Naruto:Can I ask them a quetion now?Sasuke:I don't know?Ask Angel. Naruto:No she'll hurt me again like the last one we did.Sasuke:(sign)Angel?Naruto wants to ask the question next.Angel:Go ahead Naruto I don't care.Naruto:Okay what do you want more?

Sasuke:What are you doing now?Naruto:I'm going to hit Angel with a plate right back at her.(Angel comes over and gets hit in the head with a plate)Angel:Naruto Your Dead!(Naruto was running for his life from Angel)Sasuke: Whats your favorite thing to do?

(Sasuke came up to Angel and picked her up off of Naruto who was in a wrold of pain now)Sasuke:You need to learn how to shut you mouth sometimes.Naruto:Well Sorry!Angel:Whatever.Whats your favorite... Naruto:Color?!Sasuke and Angel:Naruto!

Angel:(sign)Look Naruto I'm sorry okay.Naruto:Okay I'm sorry to.Ugly Girl! (Sasuke came up to Naruto and hit him hard on the head)Sasuke:She said she was sorry Naruto!Naruto:Okay okay i'm sorry to!Sasuke:What is your faroite song?

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