Your Kingdom Hearts Life

This is a quiz that will have a picture of what you will look like, who are your best friends, your enemies, your soul mate and what the characters think of you. Some results have a different characters, this is based on where your result is living. Please, Please, Please could I get some feedback? Pretty Please? I would love to know if you like my quizzes.

Created by MadameMasquerade on 10/28/2008

Take the Your Kingdom Hearts Life quiz.

What flower would you choose to symbolize you?

If you had to destroy four minor worlds, which would you pick?

If you had to relate yourself to a flavor, which would it be?

If a pile of items appeared in front of you, and you were only allowed one. Which of these would interest you most?

If someone threatened to kill someone you cared for, and you had to pick between your family and friends, who would you pick?

Which of these sounds the most appealing to you?

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