Does your friend secretly hate being around you?

Think about every single friend you hang out with, and if at least one of them reacts in a bad way when you do certain things, mark it down!! Don't tell me your friends all love being around you, because you don't know - YET! ;3 Now, remember to think over the questions and answer as truthfully as possible, or you won't get your true results! The only thing that will ever know what you put your answers as is this quiz, so don't be shy! P.S. Read my "Love Is A Lie" series~! ;D

Created by AnimeKittyx3 on 10/22/2008

Take the Does your friend secretly hate being around you? quiz.

Do you often talk about cliques or use words like 'emo', 'prep', or 'goth'?

How are you most usually like around your friends?

You say to one of your friends, "Go put this away." Their reaction...

Check all that apply.

When joking around with your friends, you...

When you see yours friends, do 1 or more of your friends greet you?

Check all of the choices that mostly sound like you.

Have you been lying about your answers so far?

Can your friends trust you with a secret? Have all your friends been told a secret except for you?

Has anyone ever outright told you to shut up or stop?

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