Akatsuki truth or dare!! (girls only) long results with pictures!!!

i got all of the Akatsuki members except Zetsu and Pein (because Pein has Konan, and when i tried to write one for him it always came out weird...)... but i have a rly good reason why for Zetsu, when i made your dare for him it got REALLY long so ima make it into a one-shot.... itll b out soon (hopefully) so look for it.... plz rate and comment and leave me suggestions and stuff!... lol enjoy!!

Created by sadpancake13 on 11/16/2008

Take the Akatsuki truth or dare!! (girls only) long results with pictures!!! quiz.

Ok moving on!!.... choose an answer!!! (btw u might wanna read the memo... its rly important...) okay quiz info... * is an action... ' (single quote) is a thought

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