Which water type pokemon are YOU??

See, for some reason my picture window is too big, so I can't do pictures, and so before you go saying this quiz is boring or dull, Read This!!!!!

Created by Quizmaster119 on 11/30/1999

Take the Which water type pokemon are YOU?? quiz.

Did you read the passage above?

Okay, One day you were traveling on a journey to get a very nice vacation at....... the beach.... or ..... Dorney park. Whatever! But a really cold river is blocking your way!!!!!! And the sign says "No swimming." What do you do?

When you get over the river, you find a stream of reamlly really really really really really hot hot lava that CAN'T be washed off. What do you do?

You find a wizard trying to slay a evil Dragonite. What do you do?

You move on to the vacation and you find yourself almost there but theres only one ticket left! What do you do?

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