Which Axis Powers Hetalia Character Are You?

Sorry, but I only have 12 of the nation-tans on here now, but I will try to add all of them eventually! Special thanks to the LJ Hetalia community who made all of this possible through their translations! Visit them here: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/

Created by littiot on 11/15/2008

Take the Which Axis Powers Hetalia Character Are You? quiz.

What is your favorite color? Pick up to three. Or four. Or whatever number Russia tells you to. (Yes, I know some of them are doubled. So pick the answer which is closest to your reason ;D )

Pick an item or two!

What is your favorite hobby?

Romance role-play time~ You are meeting with your blind date. Where do you take him/her/it? (I'm sorry for the lack of long answers, Quizilla tacked on a character limit :/ )

You notice that your date is checking out another guy/girl. How do you react?

How did the good-night kiss go? ;D

So, how was the date?

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