Would you survive the Capital Wasteland? (A Fallout 3 quiz)

You don't need to have played Fallout 3 to take this quiz, just choose what your action would be and we'll see what happens.

Created by Decade on 11/30/1999

Take the Would you survive the Capital Wasteland? (A Fallout 3 quiz) quiz.

Well, first question will be the easiest. Did you make a character based around combat or non-combat?

So, we're level 1 and just got out of the vault.. DING, level 2. Lets go kill some raiders, how do we manage that?

Well, we just hit level 6 after killing a buttload of raiders and doing a few quests. Lets go check out downtown D.C. and find some super mutants!

So, we're at level 10 and we've just learned to use power armor. Whats next?

Well, we've managed to reach level 20 in that short amount of time. Level cap, yay. Anywho, we're not done with the main quest and wanna go exploring, where too Noble Captain?

Well, it looks like you've pissed off about about 20 slavers, one with a minigun, a few with combat shotguns, the rest with assault rifles. What do you do about this?

Good news, you've come across Charon and he's now traveling with you. What do you equip him with?

So, final battle of the main quest. What the hell are you doing standing there for? DO SOMETHING!

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